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Why do iron box manufacturers to proofing?

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Proofing, as the name suggests is to make a sample out to see, and send a sample is sent, if customers want to see their own products produced what effect you have to proofing, customers will not be able to make a free sample Well? This is their own Dig out the cost to the customer proofing, if each customer free proofing, the iron box manufacturers is a huge investment, and proofing fee is not cheap!

Printed metal

Printed metal

Proofing: First, look at what is the effect of finished products;

Second, you can use this as a color reference, large cargo and sample no obvious color, if you need to modify the design draft, proofing can also be modified, but the big goods can not be modified, so proofing is to make themselves at ease. But this does not require each customer need to proofing, which is based on customer requirements to do.

The same many customers say why need to proofing fees, but also so expensive? Proofing fees are based on the status quo to determine the industry.


Usually we sample only 5-10 samples, the need to first design draft sent to the printing factory, according to the design draft to print, usually printing 1-2 sheets of metal, and printing from the printing volume reached 2,500 iron, and printing manufacturers There will be a special proofing printing machines, machine wear and tear, manual costs, transportation costs, and printed metal need to be made of finished products, tin box manufacturers also need to open proofing cans equipment, manual operation, which caused proofing expensive The reason is that proofing is not very simple, the production process and the big goods are the same.

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