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Portable Metal Box

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This portable metal box was designed from the current popular Disney image, with bright color and Disney cartoon image lovely element. It is a favorite style of many people. The shape of this metal portable tin got a horizontal cut at the bottom. The horizontal cut at the bottom was designed for the portable metal box to be placed vertically. There got multiple placement methods  with vertical placement and horizontal placement for the portable metal box.


The portable metal box got a hinge structure. The link is made of traditional wire hinge, which is very convenient to use and operate. There is a lock buckle design on the other end of the cover which is very practical and exquisite. These special designs highlight this portable metal box. There is a green plastic handle on the top of the portable metal box which is convenient for the user to carry. The handle can be folded to one side without being cumbersome.


For life type metal tin box such as this portable metal box, we have been always in the light of the practice through a wide range of questionnaires to understand the actual needs of consumers. Based on the consumer's needs, we add our advanced technology and fashion design concepts. So that every metal tin box can highlight its unique value. We are a professional manufacturer of all kinds of metal tin boxes. We have strict standards for every process of the production.



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