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Metal Card Box

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This is a metal card box we produced for Coca-Cola Company. It is a promotional metal gift box. Coca-Cola is a well-known international brand. In the market, Coca-Cola has many kinds of packaging box, such as plastic bottles, cans and so on. But Coca-Cola's metal card box is very different.


With the improvement of living standards, playing cards is an indispensable recreational activity for people. Standing at the angle of customer demand, this metal card box provides enough convenience for cards players. This metal card box is made of high grade tinplate with 0.23mm thickness. With exquisite four color printing to improve the overall beauty of the box, metal card box got red and white as its main color. With "Coca-cola" printed on the top, this metal card box help to improve the brand value very much.

   With small and simple structure, this metal card box is very convenient for consumers to carry. When promoting the beverage, a nice promotional gift like this metal card box is placed beside it, sales will grow by a big margin. This exquisite metal card box can be also used as a collection container for small ornaments (earrings, earrings, hairpins, etc.), and can also be used as decorations container on the closet.

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