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Innovative medicine tin box packaging

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On April 22, 2018, the customer service staff received an inquiry from the official website-a customer from Anhui Bozhou. The customer is a manufacturer of Bozhou Chinese Medicine City. They used to use some single styles of cartons for outer packaging, but now they want to customize a new medicine tin box packaging. It is understood that the customer has already made an inquiry in the factory in Dongguan, but the distance is too far. In the subsequent communication process, the customer said that our price was higher than another factory in Jiangxi. And they chose to cooperate with them.

medicine tin box 01

In August, we received a call from the customer again. The customer directly said that they would come to inspect the factory and talk about medicine tin box project. The factory passed successfully and signed the order successfully. Later, we communicated with customers to know that the price of medicine tin box in Jiangxi is lower than ours, but the quality of their products is extremely awful and cannot meet the packaging needs of Chinese herbal medicines. Today, the first batch of 100,000 medicine tin box pieces has been completed, customers are very satisfied with the quality of the products, and look forward to the next cooperation. 

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Itinbox company only explain the price for a while, and is not willing to apologize for quality for a lifetime.

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