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Lipton Tea Container

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"Lipton" is the largest tea brand in the world. The purpose of Lipton is light, vigor and natural beauty. Thomas Lipton was the founder of this brand. In 1890, he officially launched Lipton black tea in England. His advertisement is "Direct from tea garden to the tea pot". In 1892, Lipton started the globalization movement, first set up factories in the United States, then opened branches in India, and entered the Far East market. In 1898, Lipton was awarded the title of Queen by the queen of England, and was named the "king of world black tea". In 1992, Lipton entered the world with the longest history of tea drinking and the largest number of tea drinking people in China.

LiptonTeacontainer photo

Lipton's demand for the tea container is very large. As a professional metal tea container manufacturer in China, we itinbox becomes the largest metal tea container supplier for China market of Lipton. This tea container is designed and produced for Lipton. It is a typical representative of tea containers. It not only can be used as a tea container to package tea but also can be used as a health care product metal box to package health care products. We specially designed this unique tea container to help Lipton to expand its market share.

Lipton Tea container

This tea container uses a convex technology to make the design artwork a three-dimensional sense of vision, highlighting the brand's advantages of Lipton. When take out the tea leaves, you can also leave the metal tea container as a storage box, take some decorations, or other trivial items in daily life.

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