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JINYU is the best choice on tin packaging now

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Roberto runs a company specialized in rolling tin tray and related tin box products. They are committed to producing the best rolling trays focused on functionality accented with bold graphics.

They purchase all most all of the metal boxes from China from year of 2008. As early as 2011, our company began to cooperate with them, and this year has already been the fifth year. As a result of good relations of cooperation, they have fixed order quantities each year.

It is also because of their company, our beginning in the way as the rolling tin tray area of this product, we try the new tool from the beginning to develop new dimensions, also because of the trust and understanding of customers, we have made continuous progress from the style to yield to the technical content, according to the current the domestic tin industry, our rolling tin tray can be said to occupy a certain position.

Growing up with customers has been our company's credo. The trust and understanding of customers are worth of our good products and services.

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