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Jinyu cans cross-border cooperation, brand and strength coexist

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The products are exported to Europe and the United States, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia, more than 30 countries and regions, the following is the most professional one-stop tin box packaging solutions; This product is our Jinyu cans production of Flowserve lubricants tin.

Flowserve Lubricant Iron Box

According to customer demand to provide more in line with its products, tin design, color blue and white design, relatively simple atmosphere, while blue and white design comparison jump, will not give people the feeling of boring.

Embedded cover design, so that the whole into the whole, the lid and the lid can be closely integrated, the full protection of the contents is not easy to be spilled out.

Flowserve Lubricant Iron Box

The cans are made of two tendons to facilitate the use of both hands and not easy to fall, while increasing the appearance of the tin design.

The middle of the body can be written in English FUCHS, English up and down similar to the knob design, red and blue for the entire tin box to increase the color of the jump and dynamic.

Flowserve Lubricant Iron Box

Germany Flowserve Oil Group after eight decades of development, has now become the world's largest independent oil manufacturers, but also Germany's only one of the world's professional lubricants company, and the German FOSS Group to achieve cross-border cooperation , For its custom lubricants packaging tin, enough to see the strength of our gold cans can also be seen Jinyu cans in the overseas brand influence.

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