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Warm greetings from North of China

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Now people's living standard has been improved. They are no longer satisfied with having enough food and clothing, but they are more concerned about how to eat healthily and how to keep fit. According to a survey conducted in 2018 -- more and more people are eating sea cucumbers now. Sea cucumbers have high nutritional value and have good health care functions and health preservation effects

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In march and April of this year, Mr. Zhao of  Liao-ning Shenzhongtang took a fancy to several health care tin boxes through browsing our official website . Mr. Zhao found that one of our health care tin box met his requirements, So he contacted our customer service want to know more information about this health care tin box.Our customer service introduced the very professional sales manager Chen to help with more services.       

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Manager Chen contacted Mr. Zhao at the first time. Manager Chen patiently answered Mr. Zhao's questions and offered Mr. Zhao some Suggestions on better tin box manufacturing and product marketing. During this period, Mr. Zhao also personally came to jinyu factory twice, from Shenyang to Anhui Lu 'an, a distance of one or two thousand kilometers.

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 Mr. Zhao is from the north of China and is very knowledgeable. In the impression of editor, people in the north are forthright, have a good capacity for alcohol, big mouth eats meat, big bowl drinks wine, just like the hero of Liangshan Mountain as crisp and agile, have a big spirit, broad mind,won't be haggle over every ounce for little things.

We had the appointment with Mr. Zhao, to come to the south to have a look at the future, look around here and there, see the peach trees and willows in the south, see the green water and mountains in the south, see the white walls and green tiles in the south, experience the South or Yangtze River poetry and painting, apricot flowers and light rain, small Bridges and running water.

We Itinbox company always open the door for those customer who support us, trust us. you give us a trust, we also give you the special packaging.because we are the the biggest health care tin box manufacturer in Eastern of China 

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