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coin storage box

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Wang Wang's business can be traced back to Taiwan Yilan food industry Limited by Share Ltd. Wangwang, who formally invested in the mainland market in 1992, is the first registered trademark in Taiwan and has the most registered trademark. In 1994, it set up the first factory in Hunan. Wangwang held the business philosophy of "edge, confidence and great unity" in Hunan. One "the goal is going forward.



 This metal storage box was made as a promotional gift for Wang Wang food Group, which is specially designed for Wang Wang's milk. This coin storage box is made of three pieces of high quality double-sided tinned tinplate. Tinplate is not only corrosion resistance but also moisture resistance. Tinplate makes the coin storage box not rust easily and protect the products well in it. The coin storage box is eco-friendly and childproof. At the same time, the structure of the coin storage box is derived from the shape of the Wang Wang milk cans, which makes the milk of Wang Wang more popular and improves its brand value.

 We only need 33 days for the coin storage box from sample part to finish mass production. Fast delivery and good quality make we itinbox better than other metal coin storage box manufacturers. If you have any demand for metal coin storage box. Just feel easy to contact us!


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