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Coffee Canister

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Nestle, founded in 1867 by Henry Henri Nestle, is based in Wei Wei (Vevey) on the lake Geneva, Switzerland, with more than 500 factories around the world, the largest food manufacturer in the world. The company originated in Switzerland. It was originally made from baby food and famous for its production of chocolate bars and instant coffee. Most products of Nestle need metal canister to storage, such as coffee canister to pack coffee. Thus, it got a great demand for the coffee canister.


 Made with 0.23mm thickness of rustproof tinplate, printed with advanced Japanese Fuji printing machine, This coffee canister got 3 beautiful colors: red, blue and yellow. The good raw material and exquisite pattern make the coffee canister a best choice to pack coffee, tea or other food.

 Are you still puzzled about how to choose coffee packaging? We itinbox company can help you to get a nice coffee canister.

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