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Russian Clients Factory Inspection

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Russian client came to our factory


As a leading manufacturer of tin box, there are many foreign customers come to our factory for goods inspection and third party inspection. Several days ago,one of our Russian clients came to our factory for checking the first order progress of the cookie tin box, because it’s a huge order and it’s our first time cooperation, both of us want to know each other better.

Russian client check cookie tin box


When they arrived at our factory, it’s lunch time, and our sales manager took them to the restaurant for Chinese food, they have enjoyed many local Lu’an dishes, like West of Anhui goose, Donfu of Subu, peanut brittle of Yeji. They were very happy for our hospitality.

Lunch Time with Russian Clients


After lunch, our sales manager took the clients to visit our office building, then to the workshop for cookie tin box, and introduced them our production condition and the strength of our factory, make them relived for the first order. The clients had checked our printing sheet, and looked over all the production process, they were very satisfied with the production schedule for cookie tin box;

Russian Client Checking Printing

Then they checked the box carefully, check the pattern position,if the printing is durable, the thickness of the products and so on...after inspecting the products,they said the goods is better than other suppliers,even gave a thumbs-up gesture to our automatic production line. Because the quantity for cookie tin box was very large, they worried about the quality and the lead time at the begaining, when they came to our workshop and knew we have many advanced equipment and make the products with high quality, they feel relieved and said it’s very worth to came here and knew that we are a very big factory to help them with cookie tin box.

Cookie Tin Box Sample

We are very glad for the trust and understanding from our clients, and thanks for all the customers’ supports in the past, we will do our best to meet your demands in the future. 


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