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Friendship between Itinbox and Huawei Group

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Friendship between Itinbox and Huawei Group

As itinbox company’s old friend, Huamei Group placed an order amount to 726,000 RMB during the mooncake boxes production season. We have cooperated with Huamei Group for many years, we respect and trust each other.



Huamei Group was founded in 1991 which foucs on bakery products. In recent years, itinbox company have established very good friendship with Huamei Group, and this kindly of friendship will never end.



Success will never be a coincidence, the cooperation with Huamei Group can well demonstrate. It’s well known that there are many tin box manufaturers in China, especially in GuangDong Province. As a local brand, for the very beginning, Huamei would like to find a supplier which is near to the factory, but finally, our product quality and profession touched them.



Our sales manager Mr. Ye spent a lot of time working on the market data for the mooncake tin box packaging and also the popular designs in the mooncake packaging market. The purchasing manager from Huamei decided to take the plan and cooperated with itinbox company.



Cooperation with Huamei tells us that our customer will always be in the first place, we will try our best to help our customers and help to solve their problems. If you need any help on tin boxes packaging, just feel free to contact us.

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