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Seize the Opportunity and Work Hard to 124th Canton Fair

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Seize the Opportunity and Work Hard

                    -to 124th Canton Fair

Canton Fair 01

For a whole month preparation, 5 days hard working, the 124th Canton Fair went to a nice end. Sales managers from Itinbox had really enjoyed a wonderful journey.

Since the Policy One Belt One Road succeeded, many countries have closely connect with China, the coonection between China and many other countries is more and more tight, and the win-win cooperation is also what we are pursuing for.

Canton Fair 04

Canton Fair 03

Canton Fair 02


One of our customer came to visit us at first day of Canton Fair, although, they did not place a big order, their trust is very important to us. A customer from Iran placed an order just at the Canton Fair, total amount 90,000 units tin boxes.

Canton Fair 05

Itinbox is dedicate to solve all the packaging problems. We strongly believe that our high quality, proper price, fast delivery and good sevice will help you a lot. Finally, we are keen to contribute the One Belt One Road Policy.


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